Case Analysis Research Paper

Case analysis research paper has to be thorough and accurate in order to be of any use. It should deal with the information presented within the case report. It should explain the rationale and value of the report.

The researcher should be prepared to analyze the information they provide in the research paper as this is essential to understanding the analysis, writing the conclusion and evaluating the significance of the case study. The problem is that the researcher is generally not trained to perform this function or the techniques used are too complex to understand in the case of research.

To prepare a research paper that is of real value, one must seek professional guidance from someone who does a case analysis. There are many software available that make this task easier and much less complicated.

All too often, the research paper is prepared by the researcher without regard to the information in the case study. This means that the information is presented as it occurred and does not address any change that may have occurred.

For example, a project to test a product against two forms of corrosion detection was undertaken. The first case was an uncontrolled facility where there were no consequences and only minor repairs required. This case demonstrated the usefulness of the corrosion detection application.

The second case was a serious incident where damage was sustained by the production line, requiring repairs and changes to processes and manufacturing process techniques. This case illustrated how the problem can occur at various points in the process.

The analysis of the data in the case study shows that there was a case to answer regarding the ability of the corrosion detection process to detect the first form of corrosion and whether it is reliable in detecting the second form. With this analysis, the team ascertained that there is a need for the product to meet high quality standards.

The research paper supports this conclusion by providing a case analysis solution that addresses both defects and strengths. One of the strengths provided by the analysis was that the supplier maintained good relations with other major customers.

The test results indicate that it is possible to run the corrosion detection solution in most areas of the plant and the high quality standards are met. This provides a strong case for the supplier to continue to lead in the quality improvement field.

The case analysis solution also identified the link between the problem and the manufacturing processes. It showed that a change in manufacturing process, based on new technology that allows for greater accuracy and reliability was a solution.

The factory manager learned that he could implement this technology by modifying two of the manufacturing machines and his management team was supportive of the proposed changes. The manufacturer implemented the modified machines and improved the product quality through better manufacturing processes.

The result of the analysis provided a good case analysis solution for the manufacturer. Through the use of the proper techniques and tools, the company was able to provide a solution that addressed both the benefits and weaknesses of the case study.