Case Study Analysis of Yahoo

Case study analysis of Yahoo is the proper foundation for the ITIL standards and the latest processes adopted by almost all leading enterprises. In fact, companies that abide by this technique have reported lesser IT troubles, as well as more productivity, increased profits, and higher employee satisfaction. Below are some of the most important points to keep in mind while analyzing a case study.

First, an initial view of the entire case study analysis of Yahoo. The next step should be the analysis of the problem areas. After selecting the problems or issues, the next step is the focus on the solutions. So, you need to try and solve these problems or issues, from the very beginning.

The next step should be the scrutiny of the previous project. Analyze the results of the project, as well as the success rate, and any anomalies that may have arisen from it. This is something you will not get in a sales discussion, so do not rely on it. Another useful tip for the analysis of the case study is to look for a pattern in the results.

The outcome of the project will definitely give you a clue as to the most essential factor in the project. It is not as simple as just looking at the results as they come out. If the outcomes are not good, then there may be a deeper issue as well. In case of successful projects, the problem areas are addressed by the company.

The next step is the implementation of the improvement process. In most cases, a project is implemented in phases. These phases can be the earlier ones, or the next ones. Also, the management has to be careful about when to implement the project to start with the improvements.

Inmost cases, business owners or executives change the way they operate their company. They also spend time in developing new practices. It is often observed that all that happens after the implementation of these practices, is just the manifestation of those practices. So, the importance of conducting the case study analysis of Yahoo is to make sure that the business practices are constantly being improved to make them successful.

Lastly, identify the action plans that can be done with the project. In a case study analysis of Yahoo, the project plan should be completed before the project starts. What I mean by this is that the plan should identify the actions that need to be undertaken by the business leaders after the project has been started. After the plan is complete, then the planning phase will begin.

Here, you need to make sure that the project of Yahoo is handled well. You need to make sure that there are no interruptions, or any problems that would delay the project. It is not as simple as this is a case study analysis of Yahoo, but it can be easy to manage when you do all the preparatory work early on, and you can find out how successful the project of Yahoo is in the implementation phase.

The next phase is the research and development analysis. The project is prepared by the project manager and the HR head. However, a company also needs to carry out the R&D activities internally and externally. This is something that a lot of corporations ignore and end up with decreased levels of R&D performance.

After the implementation of the improvement process and the R&D activities, the next phase is the appraisal phase. The appraisal phase should be quite crucial to evaluate the success or failure of the project. The appraisal must be conducted in an objective manner.

Finally, the last phase is the assessment phase of the case study analysis of Yahoo. In this phase, you can assess the progress that has been made. The evaluation can also be achieved when the project is closed.

A case study analysis of Yahoo should go a long way in helping you understand the improvements that you are making for your organization. So, the next time you encounter a problem in your business, analyze the case study analysis of Yahoo to identify the root cause and ways to overcome it.