Case Study Job Analysis

Case study job analysis is the activity of providing an analysis on the role and function of the employees of a particular organization in carrying out the case study objective. The organization is assessed through the capacity of the employees to perform the job. The activities of the employee are measured and the results are then used to justify the achievements of the organization. A detailed case study solution must be provided to help build the capacity of the organization to handle workloads.

There are various types of case study solutions available. However, the ultimate goal of the exercise is to show the importance of the work performed by the organization in support of the case study objective.

The scope for improvement of the organization should be addressed. The importance of the employees is evaluated to help prioritize resources.

The extent of benefits the organization is getting from the case study solution should be determined. The appropriate action steps should be taken to improve the quality of the work being done by the employees.

The scope for performance enhancement of the employees is shown through the evaluation of the case study solution. The changes that will be implemented to provide more value should be discussed with the employees.

The analysis provided by the case study solution should help identify the areas where improvements can be made to ensure the organization’s success. The organizational goals should be defined and the actions needed to reach these goals should be discussed.

The analysis should also include the individuals that make up the employees of the organization. These employees should be considered to determine their contributions and what they have done for the organization.

An analysis of the position of the employees should be provided. The position should be defined in terms of level of responsibility, compensation structure.

Employees’ turnover should be considered. A goal should be identified for the percentage of turnover that the organization should be able to avoid achieving the case study objectives.

Goals should be set to improve the performance level of employees who are not meeting the expectations of the organization. Performance improvement measures can be in the form of goals or performance improvement plan.

It is important to understand that there is a difference between measuring performance and measuring the employee’s contribution to the organization. The contribution of the employees is measured through the analysis provided.

The organization’s business objective should be established. All employees involved in the case study should be involved in the process of determining the case study objective.