Case Study on Job Analysis Apollo Hospital

The Case Study on Job Analysis Apollo hospital has been given a lot of credit for coming up with such a perfect solution to solve the problem of shortage of doctors in the country. That’s true, but it’s not the only reason that Apollo hospital was so successful. What sets them apart from other hospitals is the fact that they’re solving their issues through case studies and not by employing temporary doctors who are on part-time basis and in charge of a large group of patients.

Apollo hospital is also committed to the bottom line and therefore has implemented a company-wide case study on job analysis. This step has led to thousands of people who’ve been affected by the shortage of doctors in the country. Their participation in the case study on job analysis in turn helps them to understand better the nature of the problem in which they are currently facing.

So what is a case study on job analysis? It’s a research conducted by a healthcare organization for the purpose of assisting its management in developing a feasible plan for hiring and training of new doctors. It helps managers and physicians in coming up with a plan to recruit and train new doctors when the existing staff is facing a manpower crunch.

The primary objective of the study is to get feedback from medical staff members about the current working conditions. This will help Apollo hospital to generate concrete and effective solutions to the problem.

Management understands that to solve this issue and to meet their workforce requirement Apollo hospital needs to promote their hospital as a highly professional, flexible and specialized facility. They also need to generate new employees who are eager to work in the same environment.

The original research performed by the hospital was on how to increase the number of doctors. But then the hospital realized that if they want to have a successful workplace plan, they have to start off with a simple and understandable case study on job analysis. Based on the analysis they are able to come up with a concrete plan and propose a better solution.

A simple plan, which Apollo hospital put to use has been highly successful. Since Apollo hospital started the project, they have managed to generate 6 permanent jobs for doctors from the current staff. By conducting more such research projects, Apollo hospital will be able to increase their overall workforce by 5 percent.

In this project, the case study solution is being analyzed through an informal survey conducted by the management. The purpose of the survey is to collect opinions and suggestions from the medical staff on their working conditions.

The survey was specifically designed to be done by resourceful hospitals that face similar issues. Instead of conducting the research through traditional means like interviewing doctors, taking time to collect data and carry out surveys to gather responses, this project has been done without any of these activities.

The primary purpose of the project was to make sure that the office rules and regulations were followed in a perfectly honest way. There have been no pressure tactics or any other form of coercion to provide a response, which helps Apollo hospital in understanding the views of the medical staff.

The case study solution can also be used to collect views and feedback from outside the organization. Because of the flexibility and rapid turnaround of the project, it has been able to generate many important and valuable responses.

A case study solution can help any organization to come up with the solution in time. This has helped Apollo hospital come up with a much better solution to the problem of physician shortage and has been able to gain better management feedback.