Case Study Solutions – What Do You Look For?

When it comes to having a Harvard Analysis as a case study solution for your business, it can be easy to get lost in the details. What do you mean by that? A solution is one thing, so what are some of the key features of a good Harvard Business Case Study Solution?

I think the main things we look for are: value, scalability, quality and simplicity. They all come together for a solution in this case. So the first thing we need to look at is that business.

The basics business requirements. These may include; revenues, expenses, sales, overhead costs, cash flow and profits. The challenge here is to determine these using the information from the case study. It will then be important to compare this information against your current operating environment.

Can your research capabilities to handle the scope? Do you have the financial ability to create an analysis of the information and then analyse it yourself? You will want to make sure you have enough time and capacity to do the analysis without having to resort to the consultant and their staff.

What do you need to produce your data? For example; do you require financial data, accounting information, IT, supply chain, customer relations or any other form of financial information?

How much do you need to pay? Will you need to pay someone on a long term basis to work on your business operations and look at the data?

Quality. What does your consultant provide? Do they provide financial support, delivery of results and support?

How flexible is the Consulting Solution? Will you have to buy into the package if you change your strategy?

Does the case study solution to cover your specific challenges? For example, will it be useful for a new company and not necessarily for an existing company? Will it give you insight into how to save money?

Is the Consulting Solution created for your target market? This is a huge part of success for any business, and it is something we look for when making our selection of a Harvard Analysis.

Does the consulting solution answer the questions you are asking? Does it help you achieve your target of profitability?

Good consultants will always use the case study in a strategic way. The key benefits to doing this are; that the consultant and client(s) both benefit by combining resources and from the good strategic business plan and collaboration.