Case StudyAnalysis of Walmart – Is a Case Study Solution to Your Retail Business?

Case Study Analysis of Walmart by Ashley G. Wise is an e-book which reviews some major developments in the retail industry. There are some interesting facts in the book, one of which is that the author believes the benefits of a case study analysis are very relevant to the understanding of a market or industry.

The purpose of a case study solution is to uncover strategies and systems to develop a business or organization. The business case analyses examined in the book are Walmart; Home Depot; Lowe’s; Target; Neiman Marcus; Barnes & Noble; Staples; Babies R Us; Big Lots; Costco; Microsoft; Hewlett Packard; Office Depot; Best Buy; Kmart; Target and Kohl’s.

In this case study solution the author examines the results of these cases, the problems they faced and the results which resulted from them. At the end of this case study the solutions discussed were often different than the original plan. So the importance of a case study analysis is of utmost importance to determine whether a solution works for the business.

The problems faced in each case was studied, the cost involved in solving the business problem was determined and lessons learned from each case was also discussed. The book is not entirely positive, there are several chapters which offer insights into leadership which are highly applicable to an organization.

The author notes that retail businesses are very competitive, especially with online businesses that provide similar products to offline stores. It is not a surprise then that a major change will occur, usually when competition becomes more fierce, something has to give.

Case Study Analysis of Walmart is presented as an overview and is not meant to be taken as a step by step manual on how to run your own retail business. The techniques and strategies discussed are intended to introduce you to the concepts and problems of running a retail store.

The methods covered are highly applicable to most companies and are suitable for both large and small businesses, because the methods are laid out in easy to follow steps. These steps are detailed in the book, with an introduction and explanation at the start of each chapter.

It is a shame that a book like this has never been published earlier as there are many case studies that use the same methods and have worked for Walmart. This is another reason why the book could be useful in helping future business owners who want to learn about how to improve their company.

The information in the book is presented in the same manner as in the book, there is no new information presented. However, the information contained in the book is interesting and offers a lot of information to those interested in starting a business.

There are three main reasons why the book is valuable for anyone looking to understand a retail business, the first is the case study analysis, the second is the use of strategies and the third is the value of the lessons learned in each case. The information contained in the book is easy to understand and could prove very useful to people looking to start a business.

All in all it is a useful book and a nice addition to your reading material and it should be on your list of reference books. It will not be a replacement for hard copy reading material but it will certainly benefit you when you are studying for an exam, reading a book, working in your job or in a company.

The Case Study Solution by Ashley G Wise covers the use of case studies, which can help individuals with their business. While the book is not a comprehensive guide to retail business, it does offer a great deal of information and inspiration to those interested in understanding their business better.