Thanks for solving the case in such short deadline. I wasn’t expecting much to be done in eight hours’ time, however, you people have put up your best efforts in the given time constraint. Even though, | think you could have elaborated more on EBIDTA calculations, but all in all it was a life saver.






I like your approach towards the solution. Just one thing, I am not a native English speaker so this work is slightly too good for me. I want you to use some simpler words and to use basic English vocabulary

Parvati Acharya



If it wasn’t for you people I would have been headed towards a sure catastrophe. I will definitely recommend  you in exchange for turning up a decent quality solution in a short time.

Davide  Juergen



You have done some splendid case solutions for my consultancy firm. You guys are life savers.




Thanks James

Saw your email when I got up in the morning. You have fulfilled your word. 


Shawna Frommelt




Case Study instructions are adequately met and all facts are properly referenced from credible sources.

Julia N. Olsen



Even though your prices are a bit high and I was reluctant to place order with you, but I am glad I did. I still think you should revise your prices slightly low because not everyone has a lot of money to spend. As for myself, I expect good discounts from you in future and I will place order with you well ahead of time.

 Brian Frank