The Analysis of a Problem

Case study vibration analysis is a detailed, step-by-step investigation that makes it possible to verify the subject’s observations of others. The steps required to complete a case study solution are described below.

The initial step in a case study solution is the analysis of a problem. One must make sure that all the elements necessary for the scientific investigation of a problem are available before one begins. If the subject has no awareness of physics or chemistry, it is a must that he be exposed to these subjects.

The first step in an analysis of a problem is for the subject to be examined. This may be a simple walk through of a room, or an evaluation of a situation of extreme noise or vibration.

Next, a measurement of the subject’s body is necessary. Although a slight discomfort may occur during this step, it is usually not a serious concern.

The next step is to remove the subject’s body from the environment in question. This is very important because it makes sure that no foreign matter is left on the subject or that nothing is left behind to be measured.

The actual vibration analysis must be performed at this point, so that the entire result can be viewed by the examining team. The quantity and nature of the vibration are logged so that the results can be scrutinized.

One must also keep track of the data in the form of a chart, so that the process of the vibration analysis can be continued. A few comments should be made about the results of the analysis.

One of the most difficult factor in the analysis of a problem is to know when to stop. The reason for this is that ifthe researcher decides to continue the experiment to its conclusion, the subject will be subjected to further negative effects of the environment, which could result in more harm than good.

Another reason why it is imperative to stop the vibration analysis is to know whether the environment itself has a negative effect on the subject. There are many cases where researchers have investigated the effect of an environment on a particular subject but have decided to continue the analysis because the subject continued to experience the vibrations.

At this point, the case study solution will need to be processed. This means that the data gathered will need to be coded, filtered, analyzed, etc.

This is often the last step in the case study solution. The subject’s body must then be analyzed, and all of the information gathered must be turned into a report.

There are some tips that can be used in the analysis of a problem and the analysis of a vibration analysis. These include the following: